Blackberry surrenders , will allow India to monitor services

Blackberry surrenders , will allow India to monitor services

The day before the deadline ends, BlackBerry makers Research In Motion surrenders to Indian proposal to keep a watch on its services by Indian security agencies, also BlackBerry agrees to establish a server in India.
Home ministry sources said 'BlackBerry makers Research In Motion has given certain proposals for lawful access to its services by India's security agencies and they also agrees to establish a server in India.These proposals will be in effect immediately.

Department of Telecommunication would study the feasibility of all such services being provided through the server in India. The Home ministry will review BlackBerry security issues in 60 days.
Security agencies citing concerns said they were unable to intercept and monitor BlackBerry services because of complex encrypted communication and non-availability of BlackBerry servers in India.

Indian government imposed a deadline of August 31 to RIM and asked it to come up with a solution to share encrypted data or stop services in India, after many meetings between RIM representatives and govt. officials,they decided to impose the proposals mentioned above.

RIM's response came on a day when its rival Nokia Corp said it will install a server in the country in November to facilitate government monitoring of its push email services. 

There are 1 million BlackBerry users in India and 41 millions all over the world. BlackBerry don't want to loose a potential market like India .
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