Advertise is just 1 year old website which is growing day by day with ,currently 1500+ unique visitors daily and about 1,00,000+ pageviews per month .

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2 Slots : 125 X 125 (Size)

1 Slot : 728 x 90 (Size) - Top banner near logo

At Techravi, we offer a very flexible way to get your message delivered to our increasing loyal audience. If you are an advertiser and are interesting in advertising here, please feel free contact us at . We sure can develop a strong business relationship that would lead success to both of us.

Final Words

The site is still new and in its very early age, but is growing in a healthy pace. The price we proposed here is relatively low and fair at the current age but may increase later on when the site gets more popular, but will not change to the advertisers who have secured a spot, unless you cancel the subscription.

So secure a spot early here at Techravi and grow with us! Send us an email or Use the form below for quick response.

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