Difference between Aakash and Aakash 2 tablet

Aakash 2 is recently launched, It is an updated version of Aakash tablet which was released a year back. It is updated version with latest specs available in market like Ice cream sandwich based tablet, more RAM , more memory , better connectivity options like micro USB options are now available in this version. The main thing it lacks is NO GSM SIM support now available means this tablet can't be used as phone any more.So, you can use internet on this phone via wifi only. you can see and compare specs of two Aakash tablets below :

To buy upgraded commercial version of Aakash 2 , you have to spend about Rs.4299 about Rs.1200 more than Aakash tablet. On comapring specs, you can say, its worth paying just Rs.1200 more for much better specs than previous tablet.
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