[Hurricane Sandy] How to Track Hurricane Sandy storm and get forecast maps online

Sandy Hurricane is approaching and gains strengeth on east coast path, if you want to track it on web and want to secure your friends and family, see the evacuation plan, surge zones and tracking map for Hurricane Sandy storm,Here, are the resources i collected over the internet. First, is the NYC evacuation plan (Evacuation plan for New York city)

Evacuation Plan for New York City :
This map (courtesy : nyc.org) shows hurricane evacuation zones for New York City. Areas Indicated shows the areas which may get flodded, when Sandy storm hits New York.
Track Sandy Storm Online :
You can track Hurricane Sandy Storm by various hurricane models, maps and forecast by the map below. It is powered by National Hurricane Center (NOAA).  
Google's Crisis Response:
This is officially supported and updated in every 15 minutes by Google crisis response team , you can get detailed hurricane evacuation routes, emergency shelter locations, and public alerts. The information posted on this nmap is posted by common users , so its accuracy may vary location to location.

credit : CBS News
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