Google adsense account disabled, now what to do ?

If you are reading this post than you may be one of the thousand publishers like me who already suffered from this problem. First, It should be very clear that Google found suspicious activity in your adsense account that's why Google disabled your account.

Most of the people got email from Google as shown below which informs them about the disabling of account due to invalid click activity or suspicious account activity. Email states :
It has come to our attention that invalid clicks and/or impressions have been generated on the Google ads displayed on your site(s). Therefore, we have disabled your Google AdSense account. Please understand that this was a necessary step in order to protect the interests of AdWords advertisers.
Now, My Adsense account disabled, Now what to do ??

No adsense account means no money , except some blogs which earn money blog from different adsense alternatives like affiliate marketing but believe me no network ever pays like Google does.
For reinstating you can do, just file an online appeal form.This is the only method to contact Google for request , but there is no point of return in this problem. Google is 99% sure, when they block any adsense account. In very rarest of the rare case, they will restore your account but  there will be no earnings, if there is any previous earning (legal), will be not be credited back to your account.

What after Appeal form submission : Even after submitting appeal form, there is almost no chance for reinstating your account by Google. You can just wait from Google for their reply, it will take 15-20 days.

Recommended method : In my opinion, you need not to wait for Google's reply, just create a new account (sign up) with new email ID, new website and different IP address (recommended). But make sure ,you should follow Google's terms and conditions and program policies in future , to avoid any further problem.


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