Microsoft's brings new email service as ""

After failing to provide updated features to its users, Microsoft finally refreshes its email service and brings a new email service "". It offers many attractive features like Metro style interface , Unlimited storage space , better spam protection and better user account protection.

This email service also sorts email as per different categories like  Contacts, newsletters, Social updates. 

In attachment mode, there is huge improvement in this section , due to Skydrive integration, it will support a massive 300 MB attachment in an email with Slideshow and video support

Note : If you already own a Hotmail or Live email account , you can move it to new address. Just follow the steps below:

    • Go to and login with your hotmail id or live id.
    • Click on 'Gear icon' and click on 'More Mail Settings' option.
    • Now a menu will open, in this menu choose option 'Rename your email'.
    • It will move to a new screen , where you can rename your account to
    • Click 'Save' to save all settings.
Your email address now become '' , Thanks for reading this post. Leave your comments below and subscribe to email list for more updates.
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