How to speed up your computer in just 10 seconds

 This program is very helpful in cleaning your computer and speed up the boot up speed by removing unwanted programs, toolbars and unwanted start ups. Mainly, start up programs are responsible for increase in boot up time for your computer. These programs starts , when your computer boots and these programs running in background continuously , using resources of your computer , hence , it results in slowing down of your computer. These programs are the mostly unwanted programs which automatically merges in to start up menu. So, its better to uninstall these unwanted programs to increase speed of your computer.

SlimComputer app will help you , It is a nice program which offers a variety of features which will boost up your computer speed.It is based on cloud computing to update its features
  • A Slim System - Get rid of the promo bulk that comes on a new PC.
    • Applications - Remove unneeded, pre-installed software.
    • Toolbars - Remove unuseful Toolbars that can slow browsing.
    • Startup items - Remove unnecessary Startup items to boost speed.
    • Shortcuts - Remove unwanted shortcuts that clutter your desktop.
  • Restore - Undo any changes done by SlimComputer with one click.
  • Optimizer - Tweak Startup & Windows services to boost performance.
  • Uninstaller - Remove software based on community-sourced ratings.
  • Windows Tools - Get the most useful management tools in one place.
 Just press scan, after scan , it will automatically recommend you which program to remove. You can download this program from here. It is free to use and it is just 6 mb in size.
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