Use Microsoft Office for free as web app on your computer

Microsoft started to expand its cloud computing by offering its most popular products for free. Now, Microsoft office is now available for free in cloud computing for Microsoft Live Users. It will give a huge competition to Google Docs. Now you can create,edit and print your office files from anywhere in the world.

This is free web app service offered by Microsoft, you just need to create Microsoft Live (Hotmail) account . You can use Online MS Office applications like Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc.

Just ,Go to and click on Get Started Free button. You will reach to Skydrive . Log in here, with Microsoft Live id and password. You can also create new account here.

After log in , you will reach to web apps page, here you can see different icons of MS Office as shown above, you can start using them now. So, free yourself and start using Microsoft apps from anywhere and anytime you want. Please leave your comments below .
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