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If you don't know about online remote desktop support feature, it is used to rectify your computer problem by an expert/ friend/ Family over the internet, also your friend/ Family can share files with you, even chat with you. It is an inbuilt feature in your Windows too, but it is not safe, secure, offers very less features and it is very difficult to use. So, i will suggest not to use it.

What are the alternatives available ?

There are many alternatives available on the internet like Teamviewer but free version of Teamviewer comes with so many limitations and it is unsafe too , So, i recommend not to use it if your computer contains your personal data. Instead of using it you can go for Techinline app, It is the most famous software for remote desktop because of its features.It is most advance, most secure remote access app as compared to any paid remote access software.
Features of Techinline Remote Desktop Software

The best feature of this app is that the expert can view, analyze, and fix remote desktops without pre-installing software unlike other software where you need to install them with lots of unwanted 'free' toolbars. This will install like a browser extension so no more crap in your computer. This software is a cost effective solution with  plans like unlimited access for 1 month, So, why to buy costly softwares?

The other features are impressive too , Take a look below :
  1. Customization and Integration.
  2. 2-Way Desktop Sharing
  3. Remote Reboot and Reconnect
  4. Browser-Based Solution
  5. Reporting Tool
  6. Multi-Monitor Support
  7. Firewall/Proxy Transparency.
  8. Auto Scroll and Auto Scale.
  9. File and Clipboard Transfer
  10. Instant Messaging Chat.
  11. Windows 7 Compatible, 64-bit Version
You can test it before buying, Techinline offers 15-days trial account , you can avail this offer from here. Go try it now. Leave your comments below.


  1. In my opinion, Techinline's price for commercial use is the lowest on the market.Really reliable and affordable product.
    Definitely fits my needs.

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