Safari vs Android browser comparison, features, specifications

Here, i just list all features of recently launched safari browser of iOS 5 and Android's 2.3. According to results generated by the user review, Safari browser is more faster and smooth interface but it don't offer flash support but android supports flash.

The various feature of  Safari browser are :
  • Nitro JavaScript engine in iOS 5 is fast on top of that. So web pages load even quicker and you can browse even more. 
  • Smooth zooming feature.
  • The web page rotates and the column you are reading fills the screen. You can also zoom in and out with a double tap or a pinch.
  • iCloud saves your bookmarks and pushes them to every device you use. So you’ll have all your favorites with you everywhere. 
 The features of Android browser are :
  • Browser with flash support.
  • Content compression causes faster loading of pages.
  • Full page loading with zoom support.
  • Easy to use with frequent updates.

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