Google started 'Good to know' campaign to teach online safety

Google today started it 'Good to Know' campaign to teach online safety measures to people as online threats are increasing day by day , Facebook privacy threat, Android being open source risks, secret info about user being hacked by hackers by using malicious codes on mobile, pc , laptops and every where on internet.

Google’s Good to Know campaign aims to help people stay safe on the Internet and manage the information they share online. Produced in partnership with the Citizens Advice Bureau in the U.K., the website and ads provide easy to use tips and advice on online security, help on understanding the data users share and tools they can use to manage their data.

Written in clear language and featuring practical examples to illustrate complex security and privacy issues, the website and advertising campaign aim to empower users to tackle their online security concerns and make more informed decisions about their internet use.

Visit website here :
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