Eric Schmidt : Google Executive Chairman joins Google+

Finally.. Eric Schmidt is on Google+, Is this his way of promoting G+ ... May be...He has posted a link to his thoughts on Steve Jobs. Yes, that's all, but it is a fine start. Some people will declare that he has suddenly appeared on the very day that one of Google's own engineers accidentally posted a stinging, scathing, troubling rebuke of the social network and, particularly, its non-platform platform.
Steve Yegge, for that is the engineer's name, described the platform as "a pathetic afterthought." He also offered that the service was "a knee-jerk reaction."
I feel confident, though, that Schmidt's appearance on Google+ is not a knee-jerk reaction. He is a busy man. And let's face it, Google+ is a slightly complicated thing, one that takes up a lot of time, energy and brain fluid.
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