BlackBerry BBX OS Announced with NFC , Blackberry messenger service (BBM) support

Blackberry recently announced BBX OS , a completely new OS with hundreds of new features and modifications , RIM announced its playbook based on QNX OS last year and plans to launch all its future mobiles based on this OS, so, is BBX is a repackaging of QNX OS ??

First of all, lets see
  • What is the difference between QNX OS and RIM's traditional Blackberry OS?
 First, RIM selected QNX as it will run on multiple devices like Mobiles, tablets and it is already running on car displays, ATM's, medical devices while RIM's traditional Blackberry OS is specific to Blackberry mobiles only which isn't as easily extensible to tablets and other devices..

  • Now, Why BBX is preferred over QNX OS ??
 Because of its limitations like it don't support email, calender, contact apps  while BBX will email, Blackberry messenger (Most popular Blackberry service), calender, address book, NFC to new Blackberry OS .
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