Apple's launched two new official apps : Airport Utility and Find My Friends

Apple released two new apps today, just before the launch of iOS 5 today, they are universal apps for Apple platform, First one , is a mapping app to track your friends which use iOS device , another app launched for maintaining Wireless networks. Lets see whats new in these Apple's official apps.
First, Find My Friends , is a map based device , which helps you to track your friends on your Apple device, but they have to opt for their location sharing on maps with you :)). It is like 'Locago' in Nokia Ovi store.

Next, Airport Utility app let users administrate Apple's wireless networking hardware.Now users can update firmware and change access control too. Apple decided to launch both of these apps separate from the iOS 5 release, If you want to download this app , you can download it from itunes store.
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