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The Anti-corruption movement started by Anna Hazare is gaining popularity day by day among all Indians. This movement is now widespread due to social media, more than 4,00,000 likes on the facebook page of India Against Corruption (IAC).
India Against Corruption (IAC) is a citizen's movement to demand strong anti-corruption laws. Lokpal bills were introduced several times since 1968, yet they were never passed by the Indian Parliament.

The Lokpal Bill , which was introduced in the Lok Sabha on August 4,has been sent to the Parliamentary committee for its consideration. But its draft did not include several key suggestions of JanLokpal Bill made by Team Anna. The JanLokpal Bill, also known as the citizens’ ombudsman bill, aims to hinder corruption, redress grievances of citizens and protect whistle-blowers.

Now, you can download app to support and get latest updates about this movement .This app is available on both Android and Nokia Symbian platform.

anna hazare protest
anna hazare, anna hazzare fast

The features of this app are :
Push to Sd Card support, Latest News, Real Streaming Videos, Polling, Q&A, Join us through stay Connected, Write to us / inform us, Latest About Lokpal, Info About Lokpal, Volunteer Registration, Latest Event, News, Event, What's new can be shared, All about IAC Team.

Download : For Android phones, download app from here.  For Nokia mobiles, Download app from here
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