How to parse HTML and adsense codes in blogger

Parsing HTML is a must thing  to add adsense in your blog and many other codes to blogger without it the code will not be visible in webbrowser . There are many ways to parse html or many online web tools are there to parse html but today I will show you how to parse HTML free without using any software and any online tool , you can use blogger editor to parse any code, it is fast , safe and free .
  • Just login to your booger account, open editor switch to compose mode
  • Paste the code into the compose window ( see the image for details.)
parse html blogger

     Now switch the mode to html mode , Voila! You can see the code in window . 
    • Just remove the <div> and </div> , which embedded your code.
      parse html or adsense codes
        Now you can copy your code and use it wherever you want.It is very simple and best method to Parse html. So, enjoy.
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