Where to upload javascript, CSS, rar files to use as direct link or hotlink to files

In blogger we can only upload images in any number or size, But what about other files like text files, Java scripts, CSS, rar files etc

There are some sites which provides a special domain name and also a storage space for our files with extensions described above.you may choose "Bravenet  aka  Bravehost" as it offers unlimited bandwidth and large amount of storage.
It offers very professional interface and easy direct linking service, you can use your website as personal site as you get address as "http://your-name.bravehost.com" & it offers a variety of tools like guestbook, photo albums, email form.

You can upload files of any type on bravehost, it will provide direct link to all the files with smallest address possible e.g http://techravi.bravehost.com/demo.js

So, Join now.
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