Get ready for new Microsoft Windows 8

After a extremely successful windows 7 , Microsoft is integrating new technology to make it more better and launching a totally new interface based os so called , Windows 8.

Microsoft showed some of the features of Windows 8 @ Taipei  in Computex 2011. The main features of this operating system are :

  • Windows 8 is designed mainly for devices based on touch based input like tablet pc but it will be also functional on desktops, laptops and netbooks.
  • Windows 8 will run on all types of machine , the minimal requirements will be same for every version, and a single version is able to run on all types of pc.
  • The start screen will be based on Tile- based start screen, which will replace the current start menu , In it all apps are mainly based on full screen view, which helps in faster start up of programs.
  • You will be able to control multiple apps in single screen and run multiple applications simultaneously on single screen.
  • New HTML5 and Javascript based web apps for best web experience.
  • Hardware-accelerated Internet explorer 10 ,for Fully touch-optimized browsing .
Microsoft releases a video related to show Windows 8 features and  new interface, see below:

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