how to convert or download youtube to mp3 : free youtube to mp3 converter

 There are many tools and websites available online by which you can download Youtube files as mp3 , but  i don't use them because the websites which offers this conversion either full of pop up ads or tons of misleading links, which may be harmful to your computer as they contains malwares and spywares.

Here,Free YouTube to MP3 Converter offers this in a very simple way. It offers user friendly interface, easy to use, no crap at all. The beauty of this converter lies in its simple set up. By default,it saves the files in My Documents folder and file name is same as source file of YouTube. The settings are easy to change with drop down menu and specific buttons, the quality of Mp3 is Normal but you can change it to high by using drop down menu.
 You can not integrate it in web browser but it can pick the Url's placed on the clipboard. It also installs the Toolbar and resets your home page to the website by default, so if you don't want these extras, you'll have to uncheck some boxes during the installation process. If you are unable to understand any step or confused about this, you can watch the video below for details.

This program is not only effective,but Free to use.More than 2 million downloads of this software already. Although its interface is old but i love this program due to its simplicity. So , why to visit the sites where ads are popping up in every second,just download and relax, it is of just 21 mb in size ...
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