Fix Corrupted files or CRC Failed errors in Winrar

Are you getting Corrupted files or CRC Failed errors in Winrar when trying to Extract files?

I have recently  downloaded a 4.3 gb rar file from internet  and while extracting it , it suddenly gave an annoying " CRC Failed" error. So, i tried , so as to recover as much as data from it as only a portion of it will be corrupt .
Now,I figured out the solution to anyone who recieves these errors in Winrar.

Solution :

1. Open the .rar file(s) you would like to extract.

2. Click on "Extract to"

3. In the miscellaneous options, check "Keep Broken Files".

Result : Winrar succeeds at extracting the files even if you are given Volume/CRC Failed errors.
The extracted files will NOT be corrupted and will work flawlessly. Just ignore the error messages and it will work.

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