Send free SMS, MMS from internet to mobile directly without creating an account

There are many websites over the internet from where you can send free sms to mobile but you have to create an account before sending any sms, even your mobile number is confirmed before sending and user who will receive your message also come to know your number.

So, to hide your identity, you can visit the two websites below from where you can send SMS, MMS without creating any account and your identity remains hidden.

You can send upto 150 letters SMS and upto 5 MB files as MMS to any user all over the world.
Although you can protect your identity by this service but don't miss use it , i am not responsible for any unfair use of this service.

(1) Seasms

You can send even MMS ( images, documents, files, videos) upto 5MB from this site worldwide. You can send free sms without entering any Captcha (verification code), you can type even hindi and send hindi sms from this site . There is an instant delivery of SMS, MMS sent by the user .Identity of user is not shown in sms, mms sent from this site.


(2)  Smsti

You can send  Unlimited free SMS  from this site but you have to enter captcha (verification code) before sending the message. The advantage of this site over the other is No registration required, Delivery reports shown. Yes, you can view delivery reports of your SMS sent whether the message delivered or not.


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