Use channels to track ads earnings : Google adsense optimization

After a long time , i am able to publish about Adsense optimization, hopes you all are doing well with adsense.  In previous post , I wrote about the blending of ads with website content. In this post we will learn, how to monitor or track the earning of  ads or earning of different ad section on a site.

If you have a standard layout for your whole website, adsense tracking can be very simple as the ads are placed in the same locations on every page. This means that you can get away with creating only a few channels, which makes life easier for you.

Take a look at figure,  for an example of ad placement and use of channels.

As you can see, on this example page from a standardized website there are 1 link unit and 3 ad units per page. Just a quick run down of what I have done here.
Just above the title of the article/content I have placed an link unit. It is above the fold for maximum effectiveness. Directly below the title I have placed an ad unit, for an example a "250x250" - again to maximize visibility of the advert. I have placed a horizontal banner at the bottom of the content, and also blended a vertical ad unit into the menu.On the diagram each label states what type of unit it is (ad or link) and an example of a channel name for that particular unit.As we have 4 separate units within the page all in different locations, I have created 4 channels.

By doing this I can monitor the performance of each unit and optimize it accordingly. When you login to your Google AdSense account you will get a separate report for each of your ad. Figure 2 show's an example of what would show up:

So, with this i end my current post, i will post about "relevancy of ads according to your site content"  in my next Google adsense optimization post. Stay connected for future updates..
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