Blending ads : Google adsense optimization

In this post we will learn how to blend ads with in the content which means high CTR resulting in high earnings.

When it comes to blending there is only so much you can do with the AdSense ad unit itself. This means that you have to somewhat change the appearance of your page to match that of the Google AdSense ad, if you want successful blending.
This can entail anything from changing the formating of the text, alignment, etc...
Figure 1 shows an example of an AdSense link unit that has been blended into the menu bar. Here the AdSense link unit's background and boarder has been set by Hex, to match the background color of the table.
The menu above the link unit has been setup in a specific manner to ensure that it matches the look of the link unit by doing some things.
In this case, the title of the menu has been embolded and underlined to match the "Ads by Google". The actual menu links have been shifted to the right a little bit using a table and the line spacing has been set to 150% to match that of the AdSense links.
This slight effort to match the menu bar with the link units can increase CTR and also helps the site look a little nicer as everything fits in place.

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