Two Finger Scroll v1.0.6 : More fuctionality for laptop touchpads

All laptop touchpads are meant for just replacement of mouse nothing else or you can say that they just offer very little functionality. Two Finger Scroll software used to extend the usability of the regular Synaptic touchpad and enabling its multi- functionality ( two-finger and three-finger gesture enabled) .

Some TouchPad drivers support only one-finger scroll capability, which allows the user to use the touchpad area with one finger only, resulting in more difficult computer handling. However, Two Finger Scroll corrects the problem and adds two-finger scrolling, allowing you to right click by holding one finger on the touchpad and tapping the area with another.

Two Finger Scroll : More Functionality to Laptop Touchpad

The Two Finger Scroll tool was developed to be a small application that will allow you to add some useful two finger gestures to Synaptics TouchPads. These TouchPads can be found in many todays laptops and many of them support multiple finger gestures.

Currently there are only two supported gestures: 
- Two finger scrolling - scroll vertically by sliding two fingers anywhere on the TouchPad
- Two finger tapping - tap with two fingers to simulate a selected mouse button

Scroll mode:
- Compatible
The scroll closely simulates a mouse scroll wheel. This mode works with most applications.

- Smooth
Smooth scrolling. Some older applications may not work propery in this scroll mode.

- Smart
Uses smooth scrolling by default. Compatible mode can be enabled for specific applications by scrolling within them while keeping SHIFT, CTRL and ALT keys pressed down. The setting is remembered, all future scrolls in the same application will use the compatible mode. Scrolling with the keys again reverts back to the smooth mode.


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