Move installed programs from C drive ( default ) to another drive

The default place for installing any application or program in Windows is C drive or the drive where you installed windows. After some time , The default drive becomes full of software installations, there is no more space left , it happens mostly in case of Games installed as they are mammoth in size. You can either select other drive for installing games or move the softwares installed, if  the drive becomes full. Please follow the instructions below to move installed softwares from default drive to another drive.

Steam Mover : Move Apps from C drive to another drive

 It is basically designed for hardcore gamers to move installed games from one drive to another , but other user can also use this utility. Only thing that you have to do is point the folder where the application you want to use is installed. For instance, in default cases you can point the source folder to C:\Program files. The other thing is the destination, you can set any other drive as destination where the application will be moved.

Once the folder is selected, all of the associated programs will be listed. Steam Mover works by moving all the data in the associated folder to your secondary drive; it then simply makes a link to the new folder you designate for the alternative folder. This means it should work on most applications.

The utility is of just 1.14 MB in size , just Unzip and Run, No need to install . . .

Download :         Link1
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