How to Track your emails easily - Get Notified when emails are read

Whenever you send an email, you don't know whether it is read or not , or just sent to trash . To know this,you need tracking and for this, you can use email tracking service of . Whenever user read the email, a notification mail is send by Notification includees many other information regarding your emails are :
Date and time opened, Location of recipient (per their ISP city /town),How long the email was read for? , How many times your email was opened , If your email was forwarded, or opened on a different computer etc.
This service is useful if you sent an urgent mail to someone and wants the user to read it as soon as possible .

How it Works :

  • First, create an  account  with
  • Now, whenever you sends an email, if you want to track it, just add to the senders email address.
  • For example, If you send an email to, the address will become
  • Now, whenever will read your email, you will be notified by email .

What's behind the scene:

Actually, it just redirects the email through server, they add a very tiny (3 x 3 pixels)  image to it, not visible to human eyes, so whenever email is opened, image is also downloaded and tracks the logs of that image from email provider's server and email tracking is done. . .

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