Google acquires Angstro to expand its social network portfolio

 Like our universe, Google is also expanding. Google acquires atleast 75 companies overall, This week Google acquires and Angstro . First, is shopping comparison website which helps the user to find better bargains over the internet.

Google officials reported that the will continue to operate separately from Google operations. The specializes in visual search technology which allows people hunt online for bargains using pictures of clothing, handbags, shoes or other items they might desire.

Google expanding their e-commerce business with this acquisition and it will start a fierce competition among the various other e-commerce sites.

Another acquisition by Google today, Angströ, a startup dedicated to building applications that integrate with social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Angströ developed apps designed icluding photo search in facebook, caller ID in LinkedIn profiles, a real-time social address book and adding links to Twitter.

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