How to disable facebook places tagging and updates

Facebook recently launched facebook places, a geo location based service for facebook users.In this tutorial we will learn how to disable facebook places tagging and stop friends or users from checking you in.

This service helps to check in places to visit, but it violates privact of users because it allows friends to check you into places by default. So, it is hugely impacting the people who do not want to share their privacy. Facebook ,even do not provide users an option to disable facebook places by default.
  • Disable Facebook tagging

Go to Account > privacy settings (in drop down menu of Facebook ) > Customized settings > follow instructions to disable facebook tagging .

  •  Disable Facebook places Check-in appearing in your time line.
Go to Account > In dropdown menu select "Places i check into" > Customize option >  Select "Only me" in "Make this visible to " list. All Done !!!

  • Disable Friends or users from checking you in Facebook places

Facebook currently do not offers users control over facebook places unless you changes your privacy setting explicitly. To disable it , select options under "Things other share" > "Friends can check me into places" ... All done !!!!

Now you can do anything , any where as no one except for you, can check in into facebook places.
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